Terms of Service
After sales guarantee
Within 7 days of receipt, if the product packaging is intact, the appearance is intact, and the accessories of the product are complete (certificate of conformity/warranty card/instruction manual), a return application can be submitted.
One year warranty
During the warranty period, there are quality issues within the warranty scope that require unconditional replacement or repair
1. Non human structural issues
2. Cracking at the splicing point
3. Hardware detachment
4. Non human paint issues
Delivery Date
The general production cycle time for purchasing furniture is 2-3 weeks. This may vary depending on the manufacturer's furniture supply situation. When the order arrives at your shipping address, the customer should check the order to ensure that it has been completed and the goods have not been damaged due to logistics processing. During the transportation of furniture, Aoxiang is not responsible for any damage to your property (walls, carpets, doorways, etc.).
If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, please contact us immediately. If the goods have been loaded onto the truck or loaded on board, the order cannot be cancelled.
Purchase Notes

Color difference description

All images are taken in real time and 3D effects, but due to the shooting environment and different monitors causing color differences, please refer to the actual product.

Usage environment
Pay attention to environmental factors such as temperature, excessive exposure to sunlight, improper maintenance, and dry air, which can easily lead to cracking of solid wood furniture. This is a natural property of solid wood wood and not a quality issue. Furniture made of solid wood has a random aesthetic with wood knots, grain patterns, and color differences. Every product is different.